Hardenability curves

Underlying formulars based on the SEP 1664, the hardenability curves enables the possiblity to calculate the hardenabilty of jominy tests based on the chemical compositions of steels. The user has the possibility to parametrize the chemical composition and the distance to get the desired hardness.
The calculation tool is part of the StahlDat SX standard version.

image example Fig. 1: Hardenability curve

Calculation of hardenability

Calculate forehead quenching hardness (Jominy test) from the chemical analysis

The SEP 1664 and the database internal calculation tool provides regression models for the following steel group categories:

  • Cr-tempered steels
  • CrMo tempered steels
  • MnCr insert steels
  • MnCr hardened steels higher strength
  • MnCrB tempered steels
  • MnCrB insert steels
  • CrNi insert steels
  • CrNiMo Case Steels (2003)
  • MoCr Case Steels (2012)
  • CrV tempering steel
  • C-tempered steels
  • CrB tempered steels
  • AFP steels
  • Chain steels