FOSTA research reports

All digitally available FOSTA reports (> 100) are available in full text for StahlDat SX Professional users. The task of FOSTA is the promotion and projecting of application technology research and development on an immediate non-profit basis. Research partners of FOSTA are research institutes, universities, engineering offices and steel processing companies. Research priorities are:

  • Vehicle construction, forming technology, joining technology
  • Steel construction, bridge construction, composite construction, lightweight construction
  • Environmental protection, composite structures
  • Apparatus and container construction

Title Link to the research report
P 642 – Improvement of the notched geometry to increase the fatigue strength of high strength and stainless steels by process control and innovative treatment for laser and arc welding and brazing Shoplink
P 680 – Determination of damage mechanisms in stainless steel bondings as a contribution to production safety and reliability Shoplink
P 703 – Influence of fast inductive heating of adhesively bonded steel joints on mechanical properties under crash load Shoplink
P 704 – Investigations into the combined spot welding and adhesive bonding of higher-strength steel sheets with new hot-curing and cold-curing adhesive systems Shoplink
P 715 – Review and correction of the reduction factors given in Eurocode 3 for hollow section joints made of steels with yield stresses between 355 MPa and 690 MPa Shoplink
P 732 – Application of steel hollow plates as deck plate in steel bridge construction – Optimization of design, construction, production and maintenance to improve economics of steel bridges Shoplink
P 735 – Bonding Fresnel collectors to steel sheet substructure Shoplink
P 740 – Partially transparent load-bearing composite components made of steel and glass Shoplink
P 744 – Validation and Expansion of Computing Methods for Sheet Metal Forming, Fatigue Strength under Variable Stress Amplitude and Crash Behaviour Rating in Steel Auto Body Construction Shoplink
P 751 – Load bearing capacity of welded T-joints with chord members made of cold-formed triangular hollow sections Shoplink
P 757 – Steel Light Composite (SLC) Construction Development, optimisation and economic use in civil engineering Shoplink
P 758 – Improved exploitation of high strength pressure vessel steels´ load bearing capacities by means of elastic plastic fracture mechanics Shoplink
P 762 – Mechanical joining of press hardened and tempered steels Shoplink
P 766 – Examination of Hot Dip Galvanizing of welded steel products with respect to safe construction and development of market position in the steel construction market Shoplink
P 770 – Development of a process chain for the production of partially reinforced sheet metal structures using novel basic adhesives and adapted processing techniques Shoplink
P 771 – Efficient slim-floor deck solutions for building construction – Holistic optimization for the erection and use Shoplink
P 779 – Sandwich panel construction with energy accumulation, energy distribution and thermal insulation Shoplink
P 787 – Welded threaded studs with a tensile strength of 800 MPa Shoplink
P 794 – Innovative fixing of sandwich elements – New applications for lightweight steel constructions by developing optimized fasteners Shoplink
P 803 – Comparative evaluation of properties of traditional and innovative materials and processing concepts for forged components Shoplink
P 804 – New Systems for Composite Bridges – Prefabricated composite girders of high strength materials and innovative shear connectors Shoplink
P 805 – Inductive heating of sheet metal blanks and determination of corresponding process windows for press hardening Shoplink
P 806 – Characterization and simplified modeling of the fracture behavior of spot welds from ultra-high strength steels for crash simulation with consideration of the effects of the joints on component behavior Shoplink
P 810 – Adhesive bonding of press hardened parts Shoplink
P 812 – Load bearing capacity of fillet welded connections of high strength steel S690 for the construction sector Shoplink
P 813 – Development of efficient design principles for king piles of combined steel piling walls Shoplink
P 815 – Fatigue-resistant trusses of circular hollow sections with thick-walled chords Shoplink
P 816 – Optimal application of hollow sections and cast steel nodes in bridge construction with the usage of steel S355 up to S690 Shoplink
P 819 – High-Tec tool elements from ultra high strength steel for agriculture applications Shoplink
P 820 – Processing of solar absorbers in steel design based on partially roll bonded hybrid semifinished parts Shoplink
P 827 – Development of a structural design concept for adhesive joints in steel construction according to the Eurocode standard (DIN EN 1990) Shoplink
P 828 – Robustness and reliability of the methods of calculation of adhesive bonded high strength steel blanks under crash conditions Shoplink
P 830 – Investigation of damage and formability of the sheared edge of dual-phase steels with the help of the multiscale finite element analysis Shoplink
P 832 – Coatings of solid self pierce rivets for the use in high-strength steel materials Shoplink
P 834- Assessment of bolted connections in steel and composite buildings as basis for the design of fire safe structures Shoplink
P 835 – Hot-dip galvanizing for steel and composite bridges Shoplink
P 837 – Experimental testing and simulation of the crashworthiness of mechanical joint connections Shoplink
P 838 – fine-grained steels with high process reliablity, using a hybrid welding process with integrated preheating Shoplink
P 840 – On the stability of uniform and non-uniform Ibeams under bending – Design aids for the simplified stability check Shoplink
P 843 – Holistic assessment of steel and composite bridges according to sustainability criteria Shoplink
P 844 – Development of assessment criteria and guidelines for the sustainability of steel structures of renewable power plants with exemplary appliance Shoplink
P 845 – Existing buildings – Potentials of lightweight design of steel structures Shoplink
P 846 – Investigation on the producibility by incremental sheet forming of free form cladding and façade elements as self-bearing structure without substructure made of stainless steel Shoplink
P 853 – Development of a User-oriented Damage Model for Sheet Metal Forming of High Strength Steels Shoplink
P 855 – Improvement of Quality Control in Cold Forming Processes of Heat-Treatable Steels with the Help of Acoustic Emission Analysis Shoplink
P 858 – Welding of Thick Plates under Site Conditions – Evaluation of the Influence on the Structural Behaviour of Assembly Joints Shoplink
P 859 – Evaluation of existing steel structures by using non-destructive test procedures Shoplink
P 862 – Development of resistance element welding for joining light metals and fiber-reinforced plastics on steel structures Shoplink
P 863 – Qualification of electron beam welding on thick plates for applications in wind energy plant constructions Shoplink
P 864 – Optimization of fabrication and maintenance for supporting structures of offshore wind energy plants Shoplink
P 866 – Racking Systems by Optimizing the Construction and the Use of High-Strength Steel Shoplink
P 868 – Upgrade of an analytic-numerical hybrid model for the distortion simulation of large structures Shoplink
P 869 – Laser-welded T-Joint Connections – Development of basics and optimization of production and application in shipbuilding and steel bridge construction Shoplink
P 871 – Characterization and description of the tribo-logical conditions within hot stamping and partial hot stamping of quenchenable ultra high strength Steels Shoplink
P 872 – Development of a simple quality assurance test for the application on high frequency mechanical impact treatment techniques Shoplink
P 875 – Thick-wire gas metal arc welding of unalloyed steels Shoplink
P 877 – Solid self pierce rivet bonding of three-ply composite structures Shoplink
P 878 – Development of methods for simulation and evaluation of manufacture and operational damage to adhesive layer due to temperature cycling Shoplink
P 879 – Integrated and sustainable Floor Slab Systems in Steel and Composite Structures Shoplink
P 880 – Multidimensional energy-optimized envelope solutions in steel-lightweight construction for industrial and commercial buildings Shoplink
P 881 – Sustainable office buildings in steel and composite construction Shoplink
P 883 – Fixation of bonded multi-material with aluminium combined with high strength steel 22MnB5 by a new technique of riveting Shoplink
P 884 – Adhesive bonded tubular cast steel – steel joints in framework structures Shoplink
P 885, P 965, P 1048 – DFG / AiF-Cluster Dry Shearing Shoplink
P 890 – Forming behavior of Tailor Welded Blanks of high-strength multi-phase steels – characterization, modelling und verification Shoplink
P 892 – Determination and optimization of the process influencing material-specific parameters for the sheet metal extrusion process of high strength steels Shoplink
P 895 – Test based fatigue strengths of wheel load application Shoplink
P 896 – Manufacturing of preholes by cutting for clinching pro-cesses and riveting functional elements at high strength steels Shoplink
P 900 – Enhancement of the local concept of fatigue assessment of welded crane structures of high strength steels in the low cycle fatigue regime Shoplink
P 905 – Investigations on fusion welding of stainless chromium steels with martensitic microstructure by laser and MAG welding Shoplink
P 906 – Performance of alternatives to the zinc phosphating process on new and classic steel substrate surfaces in automotive application for the corrosion protection in multi metal compound Shoplink
P 909 – Complementary approach for the bubble-free seam sealing of bonded hem flanges Shoplink
P 912 – Fracture behaviour of adhesive joints and cohesive- zone-model – Influences of manufacturing and ageing Shoplink
P 914 – Experimental und numerical simulation of production toler-ances and its influence on crash performance of adhesive bonded joints Shoplink
P 919 -Hybrid laser-GMA welding of thin steel sheets Shoplink
P 920 – The use of new steels and generation of graded lightweight structures in press hardening process Shoplink
P 921 – Development of a test method for determining the cracking susceptibility of resistance spot welded high strength steel sheets Shoplink
P 922 – Influence of the weld thermal cycle on residual stress evolution and cold cracking resistance in welded high-strength fine-grained structural steel constructions Shoplink
P 923 – Disposition of wear protection layers with a thickness of up to 5 mm made of metal-ceramic powder mixture via resistance welding Shoplink
P 925 – Experimental and theoretical assessment of the fatigue strength of large bolts under consideration of the thin surface layer influence Shoplink
P 927 – Investigation of initial defects and their influence on fatigue of welded joints Shoplink
P 930 – Extension of the forming limits of high strength steels in bending processes using innovative process management and tools Shoplink
P 938 – Influence of high frequency hammer peening on the fatigue strength of welded notch details of ultra high strength steels with steel grades S960, S1100 and S1300 Shoplink
P 939 – Simulation of humping effects and undercuts in consideration of the temperature-dependent density in the molten pool Shoplink
P 941 – Dynamic design of steel and steel-composite railway bridges with short and medium long spans for high-speed traffic Shoplink
P 942 – Increase of the wear resistance of hot forging tools by utilization of the cyclical edgezone hardening Shoplink
P 944 – Flexible manufacturing of locally reinforced beam structure variants using Bonded Blanks Shoplink
P 947 – Development of a gas-based cupping test for the determination of flow curves for hot sheet metal forming Shoplink
P 948 – Internal Flow-Turning – An inovative process for the manufacture of semifinished steel products for lightweight design with avarying wall thickness and mechanical properties Shoplink
P 950 – Strain-based design criteria for unfired pres-sure vessels: Demonstration of an adopted DBF procedure Shoplink
P 955 – Aging progression in bonded joints under complex loading Shoplink
P 957 – Numaerical simulation of adhesive joints with elasto-plastic and fracture mechanical cohesive elements Shoplink
P 958 – Experimental and numerical investigation of crash performance of hybrid joints Shoplink
P 960 – Adhesive bonding of batch hot-dip galvanized assemblies Shoplink
P 961 – Adhesive bonding of CFRP in multi-materialdesign Shoplink
P 967 – Reinforcement Elements for Composite Bridges Shoplink
P 972 – FEA-assisted optimisation of blanking aimed at damage minimisation at cut edges of dual-phase and complex-phase steel sheets Shoplink
P 973 – Welding of Steel Structures with the Laser Beam in Vacuum Shoplink
P 975 – Improvement of Wear Properties of Hot-Forming Tools by Laser-Deposition-Welding of Carbides Shoplink
P 977 – Developing a high quality sandwich-panel envelope-system for office and multi-storey buildings including innovative assembly technologies Shoplink
P 978 – Holistic Assessment of Steel and Composite Railway Bridges according to Criteria of Sustainability Shoplink
P 979 – Deformation and damage behavior of steels for automotive application under multiaxial crash loading Shoplink
P 983 – Development of methods for evaluation of residual stresses in assembly joints of large steel structures Shoplink
P 985 – Experimentally based dimensioning and qualification method for adhesive bonded joints for assembly operations in multi material design constructions in consideration of production influences and operating conditions Shoplink
P 989 – Optimization of the machinability of highly stressable steels for the automotive industry Shoplink
P 991 – Development of a method for investigation of hot crack resistance of laser welded joints Shoplink
P 992 – Optimized calculation of the unfolded length in bending sheet metal to profiles and tubes Shoplink
P 993 – Simulation-based optimization of the local material state in the field of cyclically highly stressed case hardened construction details with notch effect Shoplink
P 998 – New evaluation concept for appraisal of mechanical properties in high strength fine grained structural steel weldments based on the temperature-time-curve Shoplink
P 1001 – Technology benchmark on resistance element welding on conventional spot resistance welding equipment without additional preprocessing Shoplink
P 1004 – Hybrid forging – Combined forming and joining Shoplink
P 1005 – Investigation of structural behaviour and durability of ad-hesive bonded joint in steel structure under cyclic loading Shoplink
P 1006 – Design of low temperature cured adhesive joints in steel-FRP constructions under crash loads Shoplink
P 1007 – Method for characterisation of fracture behaviour of high-strength sheet steels in a wide range of stress states with the help of uniaxial tensile testing machines Shoplink
P 1010 – Pre-hole-free joining of steel-intensive lightweight structures by means of resistance element welding with pre-assembled structures Shoplink
P 1014 -Development of a concept to assess the tendency to brittle fracture of high strength bolts of large diameter in low temperature applications Shoplink
P 1016 – Development of a new self-piercing solid-rivet system for joining ultra-high strength steels in multi-material structures Shoplink
P 1018 – Characterization and modeling of the influence of softened zones around spot welds on the behavior of high strength and press hard-ened steel components under crash loading Shoplink
P 1019 – Derivation of new, optimized strength criteria for steel components Shoplink
P 1020 – Practice-oriented welded high strength steel connections – Refinement of design rules and optimization of processes considering ductility properties Shoplink
P 1028 – Fatigue strength analysis of bonded steel joints under multiaxial loading conditions Shoplink
P 1029 – Determination of properties of the welding result between aluminum and steel by magnetic pulse welding Shoplink
P 1030 – Repair concepts for lightweight structures in the body repair Shoplink
P 1032 – Characterization and modeling of mechanical joints with onesided accessibility for the intensive profile lightweight construction under crash loading Shoplink
P 1033 – Fatigue design of rails based on fracture mechanics Shoplink
P 1038 – Series-production of inductively heated blanks for hot sheet metal forming Shoplink
P 1039 – Enhanced Continuum Damage Mechanics Model for Low Triaxialities for the Deep Drawing Simulation of Advanced High Strength Steels Shoplink
P 1040 – New application possibilities for rear-ventilated metal facades with the use of stain-less steel composite sheets Shoplink
P 1041 – Optimisation of the operating principle and the use of energy in sandwich construction with energy accumulation, energy distribution and insulation Shoplink
P 1042 – Fatigue strength of hot-dip galvanized composite dowels in composite bridges Shoplink
P 1043 – Optimized dimensioning of wind turbines with high lattice towers under realistic consideration of aerodynamic impact, fatigue behavior and choice of steel grades Shoplink
P 1049 – Development of methods and guidelines for adhesive bonding of ZnMgAl alloy-coated steel sheets Shoplink
P 1052 – Systematic investigation of the structural and failure be-haviour of adhesively bonded steelglass connections (structural glazing) Shoplink
P 1054 – Joining of high-strength steel grades in lightweight structures by means of self-piercing resistance element welding on conventional resistance spot welding machines Shoplink
P 1055 – Development of ultra-high-strength steels for alternative heat treatments and for the cold forging of parts in the powertrain of passenger cars Shoplink
P 1056 – Intelligent lightweight design through multicomponent proceseses Shoplink
P 1057 – Lightweight design through targeted generation of local part properties with optimized forging and machining processes Shoplink
P 1058 – Lightweight design through targeted generation of local part properties with optimized forging and machining processes Shoplink
P 1059 – Innovation transfer, technical potential assessment and lifecycle analysis Shoplink
P 1060 – Fatigue strength improvement of high strength steel welds by new LTT-filler materials Shoplink
P 1062 – Investigations on load-bearing capacity of welded dual-steel connections made of mild carbon steel and high strength steel construction Shoplink
P 1063 – Optimization of the tribological system in the forming of complex iron-manganese parts with TWIP-effect Shoplink
P 1064 – Economic production of weight-optimized and load-adapted functional components by incremental sheet-bulk metal forming Shoplink
P 1065 – Integrated temperature measurement tool for press hardening Shoplink
P 1067 -Definition of toughness requirements on the upper shelf for structural steel with hybrid damage mechanics based approaches Shoplink
P 1072 – Formability improvement of shear cut surfaces of iron-manganese sheet metal by optimized cutting parameters Shoplink
P 1078 – Determination of the effective shear stiffness of upright frames to ensure stability and serviceability in rack structures Shoplink
P 1080 – Enhancement of material and processing spectrum in wind energy plant construction by applying consistent safety assessment and weld technology optimization Shoplink
P 1086 – Numerical modeling and parameter identification for failure behaviour of hyperelastic adhesive bonds Shoplink
P 1087 – Development of methods for the simulation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of adhesive layers in hybrid joints during the curing process Shoplink
P 1088 – Development and qualification of an electrochemical quick testing method for corrosion-loaded bonding joints Shoplink
P 1089 – Qualification of the process methods for fast curing for elementary bonded structures – EcoFast Shoplink
P 1090 – Durability and safety of adhesively bonded structures under detrimental service conditions Shoplink
P 1091 – Development of a concept to assess the loss of preload in preloaded bolted connections under fatigue loading Shoplink
P 1092 – Quality assurance at electromagnetic pulse welded joints (QuaSi MPS) Shoplink
P 1094 – Data and prediction based generation of model parameters for mechanical joints under crash loads Shoplink
P 1097 – Development of an integrated floor slab system for steel and composite construction Shoplink
P 1098 – Building Redevelopment – Solutions for Roof and Façade Systems using Lightweight Steel Constructions Shoplink
P 1099 – Dynamic design of composite bridges with integral abutments Shoplink
P 1101 – Overhead line tower for the energy turnaround in consideration of architectural, technical and economic aspects Shoplink
P 1105 – Determination of the influence of process- and environment-related hydrogen sources with regard to the tendency to-wards hydrogeninduced cold crack formation in high-strength steels Shoplink
P 1108 – Prediction of dissimilar weld metal microstructure and properties of high manganese steels Shoplink
P 1110 – Local laser heat treatment of strain hardened steels enhancing forming and functional capabilities for automotive light weight concepts Shoplink
P 1112 – Statistically validating small batches in steel processing Shoplink
P 1114 – Feasibility and geometry prediction of sheet metal components with sheet metal extrusions made of high- and ultra-high-strength steels Shoplink
P 1118 – Influences of steel and composite construction on life cycle costs and marketability of multifunctional office and commercial buildings Shoplink
P 1121 – Development of an method to design adhesive bondings used in vibrating constructions in agricultural and plant engineering Shoplink
P 1123 – Hollow section frameworks with adhesively bonded braces Shoplink
P 1125 – Enhancing technological properties of tool steels by cryogenic treatment Shoplink
P 1126 – Determination of the load-carrying capacity of innovative steel shells under realistic consideration of welding distortion Shoplink
P 1127 – Material sience-based development of simulation strategies for the application of adiabatic cutting in sheet metal part Shoplink
P 1128 – Thermal joining of arc structured steel with fiber reinforced plastics Shoplink
P 1131 – Alloy concepts and process strategies for presshardening steels with increased residual formability Shoplink
P 1132 – Fatigue behaviour of hollow sections joints and high strength steel Shoplink
P 1133 – Development of hybrid joining technologies without pre-hole for ultra-high strength steels with tensile strength above 1.800 MPa in multi-material structures Shoplink
P 1135 – Hot-Forming integrated mechanical surface structuring for hybrid material components Shoplink
P 1136 – Use of friction stir welding for joining of steels of different grade, in connection to a simultaneous development of appropriate new ceramic tools Shoplink
P 1137 – Cleaning and Activating HDG-Coil Steel Prior to Adhesive Bonding by CO2-Snow Blasting in the Presence of Coupling Agents Shoplink
P 1138 – Development of an external loaded test method for determining the cracking susceptibility of resistance spot welded high strength steel sheet Shoplink
P 1139 – Rise of temperature in hollow spaces of suspended ceilings, in hollow space floors and access floors and its effect on the load-bearing capacity of inner steel elements Shoplink
P 1140 – Qualification of structural welding simulation for the economical evaluation of additive manufacturing processes on the example of laser powder cladding Shoplink
P 1145 – Evaluation of different tests for fracture characterization of advanced high-strength sheet steels with the help of the finite element analysis Shoplink
P 1146 – Forming and joining of sheet and bulk elements in progressive dies for manufacturing of hybrid steel connection rods Shoplink
P 1151 – Testing of Laser Submerged Arc Hybrid Welding for Thick Steel Appplications Shoplink
P 1152 – An approach to numerical determination of hardness evolution in the tool surface layer due to thermal loading during hot stamping Shoplink
P 1154 – Investigations in composite forging for hybrid and same type material combinations Shoplink
P 1158 – New assessment capabilities for toughness and damage tolerance of thin-walled structures Shoplink
P 1162 – Minimum dowelling of composite beams in case of fire Shoplink
P 1163 – Economical design of fatigue-stressed, welded circular hollow section nodes taking into account the required weld quality Shoplink
P 1170 – Design method for elastic adhesive joints Shoplink
P 1172 – Mechanically joined steel structures in automotive and construction engineering Shoplink
P 1175 – Safeguarding welding conditions and technical design of welded joints in martensitic stainless steels Shoplink
P 1178 – Quantifying the effects of manufacturing automation and internal welding on the fatigue resistance of circular hollow section joints for offshore wind energy converters Shoplink
P 1180 – Modelling of multiple phase transitions in tool steels during additive processes Shoplink
P 1183 – Inductive welding of metallurgically plated sheets Shoplink
P 1185 – Application of hot dip galvanizing on temporary bridges for the German Railway Shoplink
P 1188 – Qualification of a new Cu-St material system for use in chassis components Shoplink
P 1189 – Enhancement of corrosion fatigue strength of steel wheelset shafts by induction surface hardening Shoplink
P 1195 – Consideration of sequence effects on the fatigue life prediction for tubular sections Shoplink
P 1197 – Investigation of residual stresses in hightemperature-brazed hybrid Cr-CrNi-steel joints and development of brazing process strategies for whose minimization Shoplink
P 1198 – Development of a standardized, simplified process control and data analysis of gas based bulge tests for the determination of flow curves at elevated temperatures beyond the current stability limit Shoplink
P 1200 – Innovations for the optimal use of weathering steel in steel and composite bridge construction Shoplink
P 1203 – Fatigue Life Assessment of Laser Beam and Laser Hybrid Welded Crane Structures made of High-Strength Steels Shoplink
P 1205 – Characterization of the structural behavior in spot-welded joints of ultra-high-strength steels under cyclic loading and determining a calculation concept for fatigue strength Shoplink
P 1208 – Consistent design model for production-optimized composite dowels – Basis for DASt guideline and transfer to Eurocode 4 Shoplink
P 1209 – Fatigue failure of runway beams due to wheel loads in heavy smeltery cranes Shoplink
P 1216 – Qualification of shearing for pre-hole fabrication at steel constructions Shoplink
P 1217 – Deep drawing with a thin-fim inductive sensor for blank inputmeasurement Shoplink
P 1221 – Design method for cyclically stressed steel/CFRP adhesive bonds under special consideration of crack propagation Shoplink
P 1222 – Hot cutting of carbon martensitic chrome steels in multistage processes Shoplink
P 1226 – Modelling of short-time tempering in the process of induction surface hardening Shoplink
P 1228 – Tool-side Impact on the Tribological Conditions within Hot Stamping Shoplink
P 1232 – Generation and Validation of material properties in heat affected zones (HAZ) for a closed simulation chain from joining simulation to load simulation in the case of laser beam welding of the ultrahigh strength steels 22MnB5 and DP1000 Shoplink
P 1234 – Shell structures made of curved sandwich panels Shoplink
P 1236 – Quantification of the toughness influence on crack arrest properties of modern linepipe steels Shoplink
P 1237 – Extension of the process limits for wrinkle-free seaming of cans made of high-strength packaging steel Shoplink
P 1238 – Local material influence on presshardened steel to improve joinability of 22MnB5 parts Shoplink
P 1239 – Improving the predictability of distortion of press hardened parts Shoplink
P 1241 – Study of the influence of constructional stiffness of thick laser and laser hybrid welding joints on the hot crack formation Shoplink
P 1242 – Computational design of elastic adhesive bonds considering their local mechanical behavior Shoplink
P 1243 – Development of a method for lifetime prediction of adhesively bonded joints under combined temperature and environmental load Shoplink
P 1247 – Prototyping of metallic bipolar plates by means of incremental micro-forming Shoplink
P 1248 – Qualification of the instrumented indentation technique for the parameter identification of advanced high strength steels Shoplink
P 1249 – Increasing the wear resistance of forging tools by using an intelligent hot-working steel combined with a material-specific nitriding treatment Shoplink
P 1253 – Building integrated solarthermal sandwich panels of steel and mineral wool for use in industrial and commercial buildings Shoplink
P 1254 – Investigation into the correct representation of the heat transmission of lightweight steel structures in relevant standards for the building industry Shoplink
P 1255 – Required Weld Quality for an Adherence of the Safety Requirements for Fatigue Loaded Steel Constructions Shoplink
P 1256 – Advanced manufacturing of laser beam welded powertrain components using dynamic beam oscillation at reduced ambient pressure Shoplink
P 1259 – Influences on delayed cracking and determination of minimum waiting time before nondestructive testing of welded joints made from high strength low alloyed steels Shoplink
P 1262 – Impact of production-related tolerances of the failure and deformation behavior of mechanical joints under crash loading Shoplink
P 1266 – Influence of manufacturing- and assembly-related imperfections on the bearing behaviour of bolted slip-resistant connections in steel structures Shoplink
P 1267 – Proof of the applicability of resistance spot welding for reduced flange widths in lightweight optimized steel body-in-white construction Shoplink
P 1268 – Characterization and crash modelling of notch effects through mixed joints in components made of high strength steels Shoplink
P 1273 – Development of an intelligent setup assistance system for straightening units to extend the process limits of processing high-strength wire materials Shoplink
P 1278 – Improving the performance characteristics of tools for hot-working applications by selection of steels suitable with nitriding Shoplink
P 1279 – Design recommendations for the materialefficient use of high strength steel hollow sections in agricultural soil-working machines Shoplink
P 1282 – Application of arc brazing for joining of attachment parts on cyclic high stressed steel structures Shoplink
P 1284 – Assessment on the utilization of corrugated cardboard as an ecological core material for sandwich panels Shoplink
P 1285 – Integral solutions for plus-energy-buildings 2.0 in lightweight steel construction Shoplink
P 1287 – Concrete-filled steel tubular columns for multistorey buildings – innovation and design Shoplink
P 1290 – Determination of influencing factors and elaboration of effusion parameters for a safe use of high-strength steel components endangered by hydrogen induced damages Shoplink
P 1294 – Novel joining technology for production of hybrid component structures with short flange made of ultra high strength steel and aluminum Shoplink
P 1296 – Strengthening due to bonding technology of fatigue damages for designs used in steel construction Shoplink
P 1297 – Investigation of linear polarization as an electrochemical method for the evaluation of new thin-film pretreatments for corrosion protection in industrial applications Shoplink
P 1298 – Joining of shear cutted Tailor Hybridblanks Shoplink
P 1299 – Design method for adhesively bonded compounds with adherends subjected to cathodic-dip paint coating and fiber reinforced plastics Shoplink
P 1307 – Hybrid grout connections for structural steel structures Shoplink
P 1309 – Increase in the application limit and flexibility of one-sided mechanical joining processes by process-assisted heating for the steel-intensive lightweight construction Shoplink
P 1313 – Bi-modal toughness behaviour of pipeline steels with excellent Charpy impact toughness properties – multiscale analysis of root cause and adapted structural integrity assessment procedures Shoplink
P 1315 – Control of the heat input during MSG thick-wire welding using the example of fine-grained structural steels Shoplink
P 1326 – Inspection, monitoring and documentation of steel constructions Shoplink
P 1327 – Optimized design of combined steel walls for the installation phase and the final state Shoplink
P 1328 – Future viability of cold-formed steel profiles in building structures Shoplink
P 1392 – Self erecting onshore wind turbines with hub height greater than 120 m – Hybrid tower with lifting device for self erection Shoplink