Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the team at the Steel Institute VDEh checks whether the database is up-to-date and if necessary, update the content. The Steel Institute VDEh has the mandate to maintain the European Steel Registration Office, i.e. to ensure that the steel grades registered in Europe are implemented in accordance with the standards and to publish the contents of the Stahl-Eisen-Liste on a regular basis. Since 1949, the Materials Committee of the Steel Institute VDEh has been running the secretariat for the allocation of material numbers and short names for steels. The StahlDat SX is therefore always up to date and the most reliable source of up-to-date first-hand information.
The StahlDat SX is based on the Matplus EDA® software. This software specialized in the management of materials data and materials information. Besides leading institutes like VDEh, many industrial companies nowadays rely on the Matplus EDA® software to make materials data and knowledge accessible across the enterprise. For more information visit our homepage:
No, the StahlDat SX version “Community” is completely free of charge. However, this version of StahlDat SX has a limited content compared to the “Standard” and “Professional” version. After the free registration you get access to: Material numbers and short names of all European steel grades as well as assigned characteristics and uses.
Yes, this is no problem. Matplus also offer on-premise solutions. Many customers use on-premise solutions to use StahlDat as a reference database and to add their own lab data etc. Matplus also offer SaaS solutions (“Software as a Service”). Please contact us to receive an offer tailored to your needs. You can find our contact details at
Do not be afraid to contact us. We will be glad to help you! You can find our contact details at