Reference books

Atlas for the heat treatment of steels

The collection of time-temperature transformation diagrams (TTT) and time-temperature austenitizing diagrams (TTA) from the years 1958-1974, presented with the Heat Treatment Atlas, is a tremendous practical aid in the design of heat treatments even decades after their appearance.

In the first and third volume metrological methods, materials science basics as well as a variety of continuous and isothermal TTT diagrams are compiled.

The aim of the 3rd and 4th volumes is to provide the heat treatment specialist with documents that enable him to estimate the results of time-temperature processes in the rapid heating of steel, for example inductive heat treatment, with sufficient accuracy. The collection was published by the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research (MPIE) in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin and the Materials Committee of the Steel Institute VDEH.

Precipitation Atlas of Steels

The “Precipitation Atlas of Steels” was put together as a joint effort by the working group electron microscopy of the Materials Committee of the Steel Institute VDEh. In a representation (600 pages), kept as short as possible by the text and image, the reader finds everything essential about the precipitations and their influences and associated analysis methods (SEM, TEM, etc.) that occur in certain steels and steel groups.